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Zix Corporation Offers Superior TLS Support with Introduction of ZixGateway 4.3
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Innovative TLS method features flexibility and reporting unmatched in the industry

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 8, 2012-- Zix Corporation (ZixCorp), (NASDAQ: ZIXI), the leader in email encryption services, has integrated transport layer security (TLS) delivery in the new release of ZixGateway®. Ideal for compliance and security officers, TLS email through ZixGateway reduces administration, enhances transparent delivery, provides guaranteed encrypted replies and enables reporting capabilities that do not exist with any other TLS email solution.

ZixGateway 4.3, a policy-based email encryption service, integrates TLS delivery directly into the policy administration console, enabling simple and easy TLS management. By integrating TLS in the policy console, compliance and security officers have access to reports that log the delivery/ mechanism of every secure email message. As a result of this unique feature, ZixGateway 4.3 gives compliance and security officers the control and visibility they need.

Other unique features offered by ZixGateway 4.3 with TLS email support include:

  • Secure, bidirectional transparency – ZixCorp’s Best Method of DeliverySM chooses the most secure and transparent delivery method available for each message. TLS, as generally used in the market today, has a major flaw; it cannot guarantee the encryption of replies. ZixCorp’s S/MIME solution provides bidirectional transparency, guaranteeing encrypted replies. If S/MIME is not available, TLS can be configured as an alternative transparent delivery method.
  • Simplified management of mandatory TLS – By making TLS a part of the sender’s email encryption policies, TLS can be added as a delivery method with the click of a button. By replacing the need for individual TLS configurations, ZixGateway allows organizations to avoid the cost and time typically associated with managing each TLS connection.
  • Increased delivery control – TLS used to be all or nothing. By making TLS a part of the ZixGateway policies, TLS can be used where appropriate.
  • Branding of recipient messages – Every message sent via TLS can be marked to indicate that it was sent securely, providing confidence to your recipients that the email and its sensitive content were delivered securely.

Secure, bidirectional transparency, simplified management of mandatory TLS, increased control through policy-management and security branding are features not available in competing TLS email solutions.

“We place significant emphasis on the importance of convenient security. Mandatory TLS is not convenient, and opportunistic TLS is not safe. We resolved these issues and preserved the strengths of both methods in our latest release of ZixGateway,” said Rick Spurr, ZixCorp’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Now, not only do we provide customers with a superior option, we encrypt replies and deliver reporting that is critical to security and compliance professionals.”

Industry-standard TLS email has two delivery methods – mandatory and opportunistic. Mandatory TLS ensures a secure message by establishing a connection between two email servers, which requires investment of time and specialized staff to set-up and maintain. Opportunistic TLS requires minimal administration time or costs and automatically sends a message securely if a TLS connection exists. When a TLS connection does not exist, however, the message may be automatically delivered without any protection, and the security of replies is not assured. Neither of these industry-standard methods provides reporting capabilities that security and compliance professionals need. ZixGateway 4.3 solves all of these problems.

ZixGateway 4.3 with enhanced TLS support is now commercially available. For additional information, please visit ZixCorp’s booth – no. 550 – at the RSA Conference on February 27 - March 1, 2012, or contact 866-257-4949.

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