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Zix Corporation Offers Protection for Organizations at Risk of Lawsuits by Recording Industry

Web Inspector(TM) Blocks Inappropriate Sites and File Downloads to Protect and Reduce Risk to Corporate Networks

DALLAS, Sep 18, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(TM)), (Nasdaq:ZIXI), a global provider of protection, management, and delivery solutions for electronic communications, offers a Web access control solution that companies can use to enforce appropriate business Internet usage policies. Corporations are growing increasingly concerned about the vulnerability of their corporate networks in light of last week's announcement by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) detailing lawsuits filed against 261 individual users accused of illegally downloading and sharing music files.

Web Inspector(TM) helps companies protect themselves against this growing exposure to potential legal action caused by illegal downloads by employees. Web Inspector monitors, manages and, if necessary, blocks access to inappropriate sites, based on an organization's acceptable Internet use policy. In addition to monitoring HTTP traffic, the next version of Web Inspector -- scheduled to be released in October -- will have the ability to control Web usage by file type (mp3, exe, wav, zip, etc.), number of bytes downloaded, and the capability to set surf time quotas by category and bandwidth usage with flexible, easy-to-use reporting and real-time alerting capabilities.

"Last week's lawsuits by the recording industry raised a red flag for corporate and IT executives across the nation, causing them to take a closer look at the measures they have in place to protect themselves from lawsuits, unwanted content, and viruses," said John A. Ryan, chairman, president, and CEO of ZixCorp. "Corporations are at a huge risk of becoming the next victim of these aggressive lawsuit efforts by the recording industry because of the potential mass number of users downloading illegal files from the same corporate IP address."

According to a recent story in TechNewsWorld, more than 60 million people swap music on the Web without paying those who created the music. National Technology Readiness Survey results released earlier this year indicated that, "those with online access at both home and at work spend an average of 3.7 hours per week engaged in personal online activities while at the job."

These statistics, combined with the RIAA's recent actions, have forced many organizations to formulate and rewrite Internet usage policies to protect themselves. Additionally, C-level and IT executives are taking a closer look at Web content filtering software designed to monitor, manage, and block access to inappropriate sites and the illegal downloading of audio and video files on corporate networks.

"Employee productivity and network bandwidth has improved dramatically since we deployed ZixCorp Web Inspector," said Tom Pecotte, server administrator for Auto Glass Specialists in Wisconsin. "Being able to block our employees from visiting sites like Kazaa and and downloading audio and video files are important capabilities that protect us from potential lawsuits and viruses associated with those activities. Additionally, it helps improve the speed of the network due to increased bandwidth."

"Several years ago, corporations implemented Web filtering solutions to block inappropriate and pornographic surfing," said Steve Irons, sales director for ZixCorp. "Over the past year we have seen a growing interest in monitoring recreational surfing such as gaming sites, chats, fantasy football, and music downloading sites. We expect that with the recent enforcement from the music industry that this need for recreational monitoring and blocking will increase dramatically."

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