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Zix Corporation Introduces ZixVPM Alert Service

    DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 11, 2003--

  New Value Added Service Provides ZixVPM(R) Customers With 24/7/365
   Network Monitoring and Alert Notification of Issues Found Within
                Extended Internet Email Infrastructures

Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(TM)) (Nasdaq:ZIXI), a global provider of e-messaging protection and transaction services, today announced the ZixVPM(R) Alert Service, a new option being offered to subscribers of the ZixVPM (Zix Virtual Private Messenger) service, ZixCorp's server-based secure e-messaging solution. The service includes round-the-clock monitoring that verifies customers' e-messaging systems are operating properly.

"We find that the average company experiences noticeable e-messaging problems at least once a quarter that are attributable to changes in the email environment that have unforeseen effects. Every IT administrator is familiar with this kind of situation," says David Robertson, vice president of engineering and operations for ZixCorp. "The ZixVPM Alert Service can't prevent these occurrences, but it can help discover them and get them fixed as quickly as possible, before they cause serious communications problems. We wanted to leverage our existing 24-hour, seven-days-a-week support that our ZixSecure Center(TM) has to offer and extend it to customers that may not have the manpower to constantly analyze network uptime. The service enables us to help our customers keep in touch with their systems. It is one more way that we partner with our customers to make sure end users have a reliable secure email system with the delivery integrity they've come to expect."

Infonetics Research, an international market research and consulting firm, recently conducted an in-depth case study of six of the most advanced IT organizations in the world across various industries to discover the effects of network downtime, in terms of both direct revenue loss and lost productivity. The study titled The Costs of Enterprise Downtime 2003 found companies lost an average of $28,508 per hour during network downtime, with healthcare representing the highest loss at $96,632 per hour. The research also found that the number one cause of downtime was due to server failures, and that nearly one quarter of the total downtime in the study was caused by the failure of network products such as routers, switches, and NICs.

Russell Morgan, vice president of client services for ZixCorp, adds, "We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers stay on top of the complexity that exists within their IT departments. We know that various things can inadvertently go wrong with IT systems. Someone can disconnect a cord, network and routing configurations can be altered, or companies can intentionally change their Internet domain naming system (DNS) -- all for very legitimate reasons -- without realizing that these changes might affect the performance of systems like the ZixVPM."

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