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Zix Corporation Introduces ZixVPM 2.0 and e-Messaging Policy Subscription and Advisory Service

DALLAS, Feb 4, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

New services offer enterprises comprehensive secure e-messaging solution, best-practice e-messaging policies, and ongoing assistance

Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(TM)), (Nasdaq:ZIXI), a global provider of secure e-messaging services, today announced the latest version of ZixVPM(TM) (Zix Virtual Private Messenger(TM)), an e-messaging gateway solution that provides company-wide privacy protection for inbound and outbound email communications combined with sophisticated policy management capabilities. ZixVPM 2.0's best-of-class features and the new e-Messaging Policy Subscription and Advisory Service(TM) were designed to meet the growing requirements from organizations that need to enforce increasingly complex corporate policies brought on by regulations, risk management considerations, and protection of intellectual property in information exchanged via email.

ZixVPM 2.0 includes enhanced policy management features, a streamlined installation process, as well as auditing and reporting, in addition to its existing secure email delivery capabilities. Version 2.0 can be bundled with a comprehensive lexicon of validated policies to assist organizations in their efforts to meet standard-of-care guidelines and various regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). Additional ZixVPM policies can easily be created through an intuitive policy management interface. Organizations can also subscribe to ZixCorp's e-Messaging Policy Subscription and Advisory Service that provides continual updates to policies for various regulations and best practices. Subscribers also have access to advisors who can assist or manage their company-specific policies through the ZixResearch Center(TM).

Gerry Farmer, chief technologist for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, states, "The HIPAA lexicon provided by ZixCorp eliminated the need for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona to identify each specific term that would trigger encryption of a message. We needed a method to force encryption for messages containing Protected Health Information, while still allowing a user to send messages in clear text that didn't require encryption. This service automated the process entirely, helped us meet our objective to secure Protected Health Information transmitted by email, and kept the process simple for our end users."

ZixVPM 2.0 incorporates an industry-leading email content scanning engine to ensure that messages containing sensitive information are delivered securely in the most efficient manner possible with ZixCorp's Best Method of Delivery(TM), and that malicious or inappropriate emails do not enter or leave the enterprise.

The content scanning mechanism is supported by a powerful pattern-matching engine that incorporates word stemming, fuzzy matching, nested document support, and proximity matching -- meaning that private information can be detected even if incorrectly used grammatically, misspelled, or hidden within attachments, and that it prevents accidental filtering of similar but unrelated words or phrases. Company policies can be created to encrypt, bounce, or brand outbound messages, or to bounce back or redirect inbound messages based on the content scanning policies.

"As organizations look to satisfy increasingly complex corporate email policies with technology solutions, they quickly recognize that most available resources lack the capabilities necessary to implement these policies or become impractical because of performance limitations," said Daniel S. Nutkis, vice president, strategy and products for ZixCorp. "This new version of our ZixVPM service, in addition to our policy management service, makes it even easier for companies to implement secure e-messaging. With experiences garnered through our ZixAuditor(TM) analysis service, we have acquired invaluable insight for creating the sophisticated lexicons and implementing the content scanning technology needed to address the complex policy needs of organizations. ZixCorp has taken on the burden of creating and managing these policies to deliver our proven secure e-messaging solutions."

David Thompson of the Meta Group, a leading research and consulting firm focusing on information technology, believes the healthcare industry must carefully examine solutions to achieve regulatory compliance. "The upcoming deadline of the HIPAA legislation and the severe penalties of noncompliance prevent healthcare organizations from guessing at their corporate policies for the protection of private patient information being sent over open networks. HCOs should look to vendors that deliver easy-to-deploy, pre-configured, content-driven security solutions coupled with globally accessible key services to ensure the protection of all external communications."

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