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Zix Corporation Introduces New and Improved Version of PocketScript(R); New Release Includes Patient Co-Pay Information at the Point of Care and Enables Pharmacists to Request Renewals Electronically

DALLAS, Apr 24, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(R)), (Nasdaq:ZIXI), the leader in hosted services for email encryption and e-prescribing, today announced the availability of PocketScript 6.51, the latest version of its e-prescribing service. This new release allows bi-directional communications between a pharmacist and PocketScript users to greatly enhance the prescription renewal process, provides patient co-pay information at the point-of-care and adds additional convenience features for physicians and their staff.

ZixCorp's PocketScript(R) e-prescribing service enables physicians to write prescriptions electronically and send them directly to pharmacies through either a wireless handheld PDA or a secure Web site. Now the service also allows pharmacists to request prescription renewals and send them directly to the doctor's office. The application also includes formulary information, a drug reference guide, drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy checking, and patient-specific drug-dispensed lists. ZixCorp recently announced an important electronic prescribing milestone as the prescription count exceeded a record-high 100,000 electronic prescriptions per week.

New features in PocketScript 6.51 include:

Patient co-pay information at the point of care. Physicians can now access a patient's insurance co-pay information for prescribed drugs at the point-of-care, if available. This data can be displayed in a variety of ways including: minimum and/or maximum co-pay; flat amount; minimum and/or maximum out-of-pocket expense; percentage; and co-pay tiers. The feature lets patients know drug costs prior to going to the pharmacy and enables physicians to choose a less expensive drug if desired.

Bi-directional prescription renewal communication. Physicians save time and money using PocketScript with the bi-directional renewal capability because all pharmacist-initiated requests route through an office staff member prior to review and approval by the physician. With electronic pharmacist-initiated renewal requests both physicians and pharmacists save time and money on phone and fax communications.

"There is only one thing more alarming to physicians and their staff than finding out how much time they truly spend on the phone with pharmacists managing prescription renewals -- and that is finding out how completely avoidable it is," said Kevin Hutchinson, president and chief executive officer of SureScripts(R). "ZixCorp knows this situation well and today has taken a major step towards helping its physician clients reclaim lost time -- time that can now be spent with patients instead of fax machines. Today's announcement underscores the critical importance of a direct electronic connection with pharmacies -- one that allows prescription refill requests to be sent directly to a computer. No phones or faxing required."

"Patient co-pay at the point of care, especially when combined with formulary and generic drug data, helps reduce the cost of prescriptions, which benefits physicians, payors and patients," said Rick Spurr, chief executive officer for ZixCorp. "We think the co-pay feature will be increasingly important with the trend toward more consumer-driven healthcare. Technology like PocketScript can be a key tool to support these trends as the market attempts to address spiraling healthcare costs. And, the bi-directional capability we've implemented will enhance productivity for both the pharmacy and the doctor's office and be a new source of revenue for Zix because of contractual script fees paid by SureScripts. Other new features demonstrate that we've also taken great care to listen to users to ensure that PocketScript continues to adapt to physicians' work styles and office procedures for the most convenient, easy-to-use e-prescribing application available. We believe that our announcement today strengthens our leadership position in this exciting new market. The ability to introduce and manage these types of changes into a large, complex network of users with no impact on productivity or quality is our hallmark. This new version of PocketScript was put into production with all PocketScript users this past weekend."

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Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(R)) provides easy-to-use-and-deploy email encryption and e-prescribing services that protect, manage, and deliver sensitive information to the healthcare, finance, insurance, and government industries. ZixCorp's email encryption services enable policy-driven email security, content filtering, and send-to-anyone capability. Its e-prescribing service provides point-of-care access and transmission of patient and payor data that improves patient care, reduces costs, and improves efficiency. For more information, visit

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