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Zix Corporation Enhances Value of e-Prescribing Technology Platform by Aggregating Data

Company Tests New e-Prescribing Services to Deliver Higher Quality and More Complete Information at the Point-of-Care

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 9, 2006--Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(R)), (Nasdaq:ZIXI), the leader in hosted services for email encryption and e-prescribing, today announced that it was testing the delivery of data aggregated from disparate sources to enhance the value of its technology platform, as well as assessing the use of a new industry drug description nomenclature to improve the accuracy of drug identification. The types of information being aggregated include dispensed drug histories, eligibility and formulary information.

In addition to the claims-based drug history data provided by pharmacy benefit managers (PBM's) that ZixCorp has historically delivered to its e-prescribers, the Company is now also providing pharmacy-dispensed drug history data obtained through its partner, SureScripts(R), and will include information from another partner, Per-Se Technologies, as previously announced. By aggregating and comparing the data from these separate sources, ZixCorp can now include prescriptions from outside the insurance claims process; provide additional information on instructions, allergies, interactions and related diagnoses or conditions; track refills as well as original prescriptions; and more easily report on the timing when drugs are actually picked up, which is important for services like drug adherence programs. By providing a more complete, patient-centric view of drug histories, physicians will have higher quality information at the point-of-care to better identify and avoid potentially harmful drug or allergy interactions. Having access to more data also facilitates ZixCorp's expansion into new geographies.

ZixCorp is also consolidating eligibility and formulary information from multiple sources. The Company provides information from PBM's, from payors who directly feed PocketScript, and now also from the pharmacy industry through SureScripts, and soon from Per-Se. Enhancing the quality of this information at the point-of-care, including providing more complete data, such as co-pay information, improves the value of e-prescribing to the physician and the patient through better advice on the cost of drugs and even fewer calls between pharmacies, physicians, and patients. A better physician experience is important for continuing to improve on the adoption and utilization of e-prescribing.

In addition, ZixCorp is participating in a trial of the latest drug description standard known as "RxNorm." This drug categorization provides a unique and more specific mapping of medications than the current methodology, which is based on commercial branding and can be complex and inconsistent. RxNorm promises to streamline identification process of drugs from various systems, thus reducing errors and providing a better linkage between a physician's intention, the insurance company's treatment and the dispensed results for the patient.

"ZixCorp continues to leverage the platform that we have built to the physician at the point-of-care," said Rick Spurr, chief executive officer for ZixCorp. "Electronic prescribing is more than just automating a paper-based process. The ability to provide a more robust set of data to the physician to support clinical decisions is where the real value lies, and we are focused on enhancing that value for all stakeholders. A better user experience will lead to faster adoption of the technology, which not only saves lives and reduces costs, but also sets the stage for the future delivery of additional value-added services."

ZixCorp's PocketScript(R) e-prescribing technology platform enables physicians, through a wireless handheld PDA, to write prescriptions and then send them immediately and electronically to pharmacies via the SureScripts network, thus improving patient safety and convenience. The service allows bi-directional communications between a pharmacist and PocketScript users to greatly enhance the prescription renewal process while also providing patient co-pay information at the point-of-care. Additionally, prescriptions can be written and managed through a ZixCorp secure Web site using a standard browser. During the prescribing process, the application provides real-time access to formulary information, a drug reference guide, drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy checking, and patient-specific dispensed drug lists.

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