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Zix Corporation Awarded Patent for Secure Transmission System; Technology Fundamental to Company's Easy-to-Use Secure E-Messaging Services

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 9, 2004--Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(R)), (Nasdaq:ZIXI), a global provider of e-messaging protection and transaction services, today announced it has been granted patent 6,760,752 for a secure transmission system used in its ZixMail(R), ZixVPM(R), and ZixPort(R) email encryption services. The patented system incorporates many innovations that make sending and receiving encrypted email easy. These innovations include real time public key retrieval, "transaction certificates," and sending encrypted messages using a non-SMTP protocol through a forwarding server.

ZixCorp's patented secure transmission system simplifies the exchange of public keys and certificates by retrieving a recipient's public key from an external key server in real time just before the message is sent so that no prior key exchange is necessary and the complication of a certificate revocation list (CRL) is avoided.

The transaction certificate issued in real time simultaneously certifies the recipient's public key, the sender's public key, and the time of the message -- an innovation that avoids the complicated steps of applying and installing digital certificates and ensures that every message is date and time stamped. The transaction certificate is patented broadly to cover numerous variations that not only can be useful in secure messaging, but also can be used for many other purposes.

By using a non-SMTP protocol through a forwarding server, first-time users don't have to configure the secure email client for an SMTP server -- an often-confusing step for non-tech-savvy users. This also enables the ability to send encrypted messages from email addresses that don't have access to an SMTP server such as Hotmail(R) and Yahoo Mail(R). ZixMail is the only secure email client that can send encrypted messages from these types of email addresses.

"The newly issued patent greatly strengthens the leadership position of ZixCorp in the secure messaging area and provides broad protection to the technological foundations of its communication protection business," said Dr. Gary Liu, ZixCorp's vice president and chief scientist, who invented the patented system along with David Cook, founder of ZixCorp. "The patent covers several technological innovations that have made our email encryption process the most easy-to-use secure messaging system in the market today."

The patent is the third issued to ZixCorp this year. It has also been granted patents for a secure message forwarding system and a transaction authorization system. There are also several pending patents related to its communication protection and care delivery businesses.

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Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(R)) is a global provider of e-messaging protection and transaction services. ZixCorp offers a range of solutions to protect organizations from viruses, spam, and electronic attack, as well as enabling secure electronic communications, such as email encryption, e-prescribing, on-line doctor visits, and electronic lab results. ZixCorp helps organizations of any size to streamline operations, reduce risks, and leverage the efficiencies of e-messaging. For more information, visit

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